Campaign for Conservation and Reforestation

Our organization follows guidelines developed by a local team of environmental and agricultural scientists to promote conservation and reforestation in Opac village. The seminal work of Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai in Kenya is a major source of our inspiration for this work.

Campaign events

Workshops will be held to educate and engage residents in effective stewardship of their environment through reforestation and conservation.  Campaign events include workshops, sessions of adult education class, Sunday church announcements and shared literature in local language. Local administrative authorities (LC1, LC2) form the core of this campaign.

“Green” donation contingencies

Donations of building materials, seeds and livestock are contingent on the community understanding that the individual recipients will no longer engage in the destruction of trees, reeds or green grass for home construction or commercial purposes.

Pro-active reforestation

Each village farmer will plant 5-10 new trees including fruit plants per acre of arable land where donated seeds are cultivated. Trees are selected for planting based in part on their negligible effect on crop yield when planted at low density per acre.